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Hello & welcome.


If you’re reading this page, then I guess you’re interested in a wedding film.

If you’re getting married then all I have to say is, DEFINITELY have your wedding filmed.
Now, I’m not saying that you have to book us. But, ask your friends who DIDN’T have their wedding filmed - What would they have done differently…?


Anyway, we’re very flattered that you’re here and considering Video Killed The Radio Star to capture the happiest day of your life. We appreciate that there are LOTS of great film makers out there, so we really do appreciate your interest in us!


• • •

So we’ve covered the fact that a Wedding Film is necessary, but why should you choose us?


Well, we do things a little differently ‘round here. We’re absolutely NOT what springs to mind when you hear the words ‘Wedding Film”, and we like that. We continue to push boundaries and make statements. Our work is recognisable, yet no two pieces are ever the same. We take tremendous pride in our work and it shows.


Video Killed The Radio Star are a small team of creatives who specialise in unique and exciting luxury wedding films for adventurous and fun couples who have great chemistry together.


We continue to grow our small company by investing heavily in the latest equipment, and by continually developing our skills and knowledge to remain at the cutting edge of the video & photo industry. 


We absolutely love what we do, so you know that we will take enormous pride in only providing our very best work and hardest efforts.


• • •


So how did we get started in weddings? We shot our first Wedding in 2014 at the request of one of our clients who would not take no for an answer. We had created lots of high quality digital products for this individual and his business - so why wouldn't we shoot his wedding...?


We found that shooting a wedding offered us a new challenge, but found that the job satisfaction far surpassed that of our corporate work. We decided it was time to start advertising our wedding services.


Slowly but surely, Video Killed The Radio Star has gone from a corporate video company who filmed the occasional wedding to a full blown wedding film maker. In great demand due to our attention to detail and dynamic shooting and editing style, we continue to grow our little company, investing heavily in the latest equipment and in our own learning and development, keeping us as the very cutting edge of what's trending in the wedding industry. 


Sit back, relax and enjoy your day. We've got it covered.


© 2020 by videokilledtheradiostar - Glasgow, UK