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JaffaCakes Product Commercial
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McVittie's Jaffa cakes

We created this commercial as a portfolio piece to demonstrate a few techniques we can use when creating your product commercial. We had a lot of fun (and Jaffa Cakes) when shooting this one. Shot entirely from the comfort of our home studio, we've developed a way to make these 'high production value' ads very affordable. We love creating exciting ways to showcase your products!


We wanted to create something epic for the Worlds First All Electric Fire Engine for E1. Shot and edited in complete secrecy before the worldwide unveiling, we created a huge studio space in the company warehouse and threw everything at this one. Lighting effects, smoke, special effects - the works! 

Emergency One EVO Unveiling
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Butterkist Popcorn Commercial
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This portfolio piece was created at the start of lockdown 2020, in our home studio. We loved the problem solving involved in trying to make the popcorn fly through the air and capturing the kernels actually "popping!" No popcorn was harmed during the filming of this commercial, but we did eat a LOT!

4x4Adventures scotlanD

4x4 Adventures needed a promotional film to show the fun and family orientated 'self drive' tours that they conduct in the hillsides of Loch Lomond. They wanted to dispel the myth that this was a "men only" activity! We managed to tell the whole story in one minute which allows this commercial to be presented on the instagram grid - in its entirety, which promotes viewer engagement! 

4x4 Adventures Promotional Reel
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